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After relentless effort to keep the fight going and to make klikdito.ph website a thriving portal for buy and sell in the Philippine online market, the website is now part of the HTTP 404 page. Klikdito.ph went live in 2013 and during that period it became one of the flourishing portal for buy and sell in the Philippine industry. Averaging twenty ads per day, the team behind the establishment of the website have seen high hopes due to the unprecedented trend in the online industry. The website quickly grew a number of following and started to acquire high ranking statistics based on Google analytics. Ranking as 9th or 10th in Google search page result based on “buy and sell Philippines” search keyword, the team decided to put up two other websites to compliment with klikdito.ph. This led to the creation of www.pinoypages.com (defunct) and www.openjobs.ph (defunct).

Pinoypages.com serves as an online directory listing like yellow pages while openjobs.ph is a free classified ads portal for job listing in the Philippines.

Things started well however with so many challenges encountered in maintaining the entire operation of the three websites, the team decided to fold down pinoypages.com on its second year and followed by openjobs.ph on its third year. Effort and focus was reverted to klikdito.ph to maintain it as its flagship portal. Nevertheless, time had taken its toll on klikdito.ph. With lack of attention given on the previous years, many similar websites for buy and sell already proliferated in the online market space. The website’s online presence had dropped significantly and it became difficult for the team to gain the website traffic lost over time.

There are other obstacles and challenges encountered by the team that led to this sad day. The team have failed. Yet, they are proud to have tried and tested the path to entrepreneurship. What matters to the team is they have learned new things along the way based from their mistakes.

What have team learned so far?

Invest time

Allocate precious time to run a business. Having a day job and at the same time starting and maintaining a business will not be easy. Even though how good a person is in time management, there will be times where you need to sacrifice your time to give priority on the other. It is just a question of which one to choose. In the case of klikdito.ph, much of the time by the team was diverted to managed pinoypages.ph and openjobs.com while holding a position in the corporate industry.

Never loose energy

Have a consistent energy every day. Treat each day like it was the first. The moment you lose your energy on the business, momentum will start to decline.

Have sufficient funding

Have the budget needed to run the business for a period of time in order to sustain operation. Relying on salary based on the day-job will not be enough to weather all financial needs and to keep the business running.

Don’t go with the flow

Just because everyone is doing the same thing and getting successful of it doesn’t mean you will have the same success story. In the case of klikdito.ph, during that period, the online market space is sprouting with so many online businesses so the team decided to do the same aggressively creating the two other websites without thinking if it is feasible. The team decided to jump in immediately without knowing the critical aspects of running multiple websites.

Profit doesn’t happen overnight

Profit takes time. This is plain and simple. Do not expect that by the time your business already started income will start to flow – it is not.

Do not compete

The moment you compete with the leading competitor and with the rest of the crowd, it will be the beginning of the end of your business. Instead of competing, focus on your core business to improve your service delivery to gain market advantage.

Look for help

Just because you know the technology behind the business your chances of success are high – it is not. The case of klikdito.ph, the team managed to put a good to great functionality in the portal however they forget to invite and get help for other people who knows the other side of the business such as marketing and other non-technical aspect to manage the business.

The learning gained each time a business fail will not go to waste.

Today, after five years of being online in the Philippine online industry, klikdito.ph bids farewell. The team of klikdito.ph through this website would like to thank everyone who in one way or another used and supported the website.  Thank you!

Everyday, there is always a brand new opportunity. Never give up.

Written by Harold Candelaria

Is a technology consultant working in a corporate IT service provider company. He’s a tech-savvy and at has interest in different trading and financial instruments.

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