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Oftentimes attending to events, family gatherings or occasions that are not technology or business IT related where attendees are your relatives, friends or other guest who are not technology inclined or working in other fields other than IT is sometimes challenging when conversing about work-related especially if you are in the IT service provider industry. To give you an example of what I usually get from time to time, a simple conversasion below will give you a better idea;

Person A: “So…what do you do for a living?”

Me: “I work now in IT service provider company” (me, trying to make it as simple as possible hoping that they will get the idea)

Person A: “What company?”

Me: “HPE – Hewlett Packard Enterprise, a company that provides IT services to other company…” (me, trying to explain the business nature)

Person A: “Oh.. The printer company. That is cool and a great timing because I have a printer with HP brand and it is broken. Can you take a look and fix it?”

Somehow the only thing that rings a bell to them is the word “HP or Hewlett-Packard”. I know a lot of IT folks out there who are working in other IT companies like IBM, DELL, XEROX, etc. that at some point encountered the same scenario I have. The scenario is not to belittle “Person A” or whoever that might be but this is a known fact wherein working as part of an IT service provider company is sometimes difficult to explain to people with different background.

So what is actually a service provider?

That question is actually difficult to answer without giving examples or scenario though by definition given by Wikipedia “a service provider can refer to organizational sub-units, generally used to refer to third party or outsourced suppliers”. In simplest term, it is an organization, business or even individual that offers services to others in exchange of a fee.

There are already tons of service provider out there that offers services to customers. One good example of this is the Internet Service Provider (ISP) or the Telecommunications Service Provider (TSP). ISP or TSP can be from multiple companies like Globe, Smart or PLDT where they provide the internet connection you need and you will just pay them based on the consumption or agreed services you signed for.

That concept of ISP or TSP is similar to IT Service Provider where in a company like DXC, HPE, DELL, IBM, Accenture, etc. offers other companies with technology solutions to manage their IT infrastructures including all hardware, software, processes, support and other resources in exchange to an agreed value or amount. It is like telling other company that we will take care all of your IT needs and relieves you from all the stress and worries in managing it so that you can focus on your core business. And that is an absolutely excellent proposition.

Imagine if your business is into cement manufacturing, you can focus all your energy manufacturing cement and making your product the best quality in the market without worrying the other side of your business units like IT since it is already outsourced to a company that specialize in IT services.

Having an IT Service Provider managing the IT infrastructure of a customer gives the following benefits and advantages;

  • Gives the customers the most cost-effective means in implementing and managing the IT solutions and strategies including operational cost and expenses
  • Relieves the company from the burden and worries of what IT solution to deploy since each IT Service Provider already have a pre-defined sets of solution to choose from that is customizable based on the customers needs
  • Support and manpower experts is already available and ready anytime when needed since it is already part of the solution offered by IT Service Provider
  • Service Level Agreements are signed that ensures the service needed by the customers are delivered with utmost care and quality.
  • Helps customers increase their productivity in their core business since they can focus more on the delivery their own products or services.

There are still a lot of benefits can be gained from utilizing an IT Service Provider and being part of an IT service provider company where your work has a huge impact on your customers on how they deliver their business to other customers… is truly amazing.

So with that, how do you end the conversation if “Person A” wanted you to check their broken printer or PC or whatever? Offer them food instead for distraction. 🙂

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Written by Harold Candelaria

Is a technology consultant working in a corporate IT service provider company. He’s a tech-savvy and at has interest in different trading and financial instruments.

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